What is EDK all about?

Is the unwanted usage of mobile devices at POS eating up your productivity and generating anxiety?

Want to block undesirable apps and programs from the devices used by your mobile workforce?

If the answer to the above mentioned questions is yes, we bring in a convenient and hassle free android based solution for you that would prevent your workforce from using the device the other way round. Adding to this, we even ensure you responsible usage, improved productivity and not to forget; reduced maintenance cost.

EDK allows only desired applications to run on the device which can be accessed only by the admin. An admin can take the help of password protected settings to either modify lockdown configurations or exit the lockdown. In all, it provides completely secure monitoring system.


What is in the box for you?

  • Simplified coronation and configuration
  • Enhances employee fertility by saving time on unwanted applications
  • Maintain device while cutting down on time
  • Tailor supportive interface for a close-knit look and feel
  • Allows mass stationing over the cloud

We are a great help to businesses like:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Retail Industry
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Field Service
  • Construction

Why should you prefer us?

Run your applications in Kiosk Mode without taking up the pain to write down any sort of code for your requirement. Below mentioned are the few of the many reasons as to why should your business prefer us:

  1. Controls locking down:

    • Turn your device into a full-fledged kiosk by locking it down. Take total control over device by allowing the applications of your choice and managing their functioning.
  2. Highly efficient and personalized UI:

    • EDK lets you tailor every functionality of your device that you desire to keep or remove. Disable Home Screen, Configure your Apps, Launch applications on startup, Full Screen view, Allow selective child windows of particular applications and much more.
  3. Peripheral Locking Ability:

    • Define settings for your Device within EDK – Control WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Sound, Screen Orientation facility for rooted as well as unrooted devices. You name it and we have a solution for it.
  4. No strings attached:

    • Are you still accustomed with ugly looking, rough casing to hide hardware buttons and menu bar of devices? Leave that concern to us. Reveal the transformed beauty of your devices by freeing your device from hardware jackets. EDK disables everything that is not required.
  5. Let the market know you:

    • EDK enables brand awareness of your business. It is a tool that allows you to apply customized wallpapers, logos or may be a banner of your choice. It is really easy and effortless.

How do we stand out from others?

Below mentioned are some of the unique and key features we offer for smooth and efficient monitoring and maintenance of your business:

  • Lock Smart phones & Tablets into Kiosk/booth Mode
  • Only acknowledges applications permitted to run on the platform
  • Identification Prone EDK Admin Settings
  • Mask the Bottom Bar on Android 3.x or higher
  • Showcase scrupulous Widgets on EDK Home Screen
  • Easy shuffle of app icons using drag and drop
  • Build app shortcuts on EDK Home Screen
  • Bar misfit users from using device Home Screen
  • Bar unwanted usage of playing games, browsing or installing illegitimate applications
  • Bar users from altering System Settings
  • Password control for individual apps
  • Spread awareness of the brand EDK with your personalized wallpaper
  • Automatically launch application(s) at holster
  • Rename titles for unrestricted apps on home screen
  • Pull a veil over the allowed app icon on home screen
  • Borderline Locking of(WiFi, Bluetooth, Auto-Orientation, Flight-mode and Sound
  • Import/Export Settings to your xml file